f late, i have been feeling that i have completed the eventful first phase of my aesthetic existence and after an uneasy hiatus is now ready for a second coming. the conscious effort was to emancipate myself from my own creation to submit myself to a subject which has been haunting my creative imagination since long. i call it alter-bodies: an exploration into the alternative possibilities of the human body.

I have already worked on the various possibilities of the body as a source of energy and vibrant creativity.i have often seen the human body reduced to a mere material presence having only an animal existence which cannot go beyond the sensual or at the most sexual, a body which cannot rise to answer the dilemma of existence, a body which cannot hold the burden of being and negate the angst of nothingness (sartre) leading to the bitter realisation of the body as a major and inevitable constraint on human creativity.

It is from there my quest begins. i wish to explore the alternative possibilities of a creative body that can define space and time on its own terms. it will be a body with unlimited scope for endlessly pervading the infinity and merges into the mysterious universe,a body

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